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30 Aug Are Your Makeup Removal Steps  Correctly?
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Removing makeup before falling asleep is a basic step in skincare, especially when you have applied the entire makeup. It can not only prevent your makeup from contaminating your pillow, but also stop the damage to your skin.At present, the types of makeup remover products mainly include cleansing o..
26 Aug Are You Anti-aging?
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● Do you really know the timing of anti-aging?Anti-aging does not wait until the skin is old. Before puberty, the skin is still growing, so you don't need to use too many skincare products.However, during adolescence between the ages of eighteen and twenty, you begin to pay attention to protecting y..
13 Aug How to Remove Blackheads?
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Both blackheads and whiteheads are a type of acne. When the skin secretes a large amount of oil and there are many uncleaned aging keratins on the surface of the face, the secretions are blocked in the pores. If the blockage is not oxidized, it will be whiteheads. After being oxidized, it will be wh..
13 Aug How to Improve Skin Texture?
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Having good skin is the pursuit of every person who loves beauty. But in fact, our skin is easily affected by the weather. When the weather is dry, we need to moisturize the skin; when the weather is wet, we may need to think more about the problem of oily skin.Many people still have skin problems s..
12 Aug Why Need a Beauty Fridge?
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Beauty has become a "career" in the eyes of many beauty lovers. While we love beauty, we also care for beauty.Many people know that once the lid of cosmetics and skin care products is opened, its shelf life will be shorter than the sealing period. Changes in temperature and humidity will also accele..
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