● Do you really know the timing of anti-aging?

Anti-aging does not wait until the skin is old. Before puberty, the skin is still growing, so you don't need to use too many skincare products.

However, during adolescence between the ages of eighteen and twenty, you begin to pay attention to protecting your skin. Our skin has not yet begun to age at this time. But we still need to do daily sun protection to reduce the damage to the skin caused by objective factors.

If you find that your skin is prone to wrinkles when you are in your 20s, then you have to start your road of prevention. Not only do you have to do a good job of sun protection, but also use anti-aging essence to slow down skin aging.

● Some misunderstandings about anti-aging

1. Applying more facial masks can't fight to age

When the skin is dry, applying a mask can play a hydrating effect. However, enhancing skin moisturization can effectively anti-aging and make people look younger. The effect of using a moisturizing cream is better than applying a large amount of mask.

2. External application of collagen cannot fight age

The aging of the skin means the loss of collagen on your face. Some people think that they can add whatever is missing, so they choose to apply collagen directly on the face.

In fact, this method is not available. Our skin cannot fully absorb collagen because it is a large molecule. More importantly, the fundamental problem of skin aging is that the skin's ability to produce collagen decreases with age.

● How to properly anti-aging

1. Good sun protection is very important

As I mentioned earlier, the skin begins to age because the function of the skin begins to decline. We cannot change this.

But we can reduce the damage to the skin from the outside world, which mainly comes from ultraviolet rays. Therefore, good sun protection is very important.

While doing a good job in sun protection, strengthen skin moisturizing, using some anti-aging essence can also play a good anti-aging effect.

2. Stop eating high-sugar foods

If there is too much sugar in food, it will affect the collagen in the skin. Excess sugar in the body will interact with collagen, disintegrate the structure of collagen, and accelerate skin aging.